Guided electric bike tours – Tel-Aviv

Electric bikes are definitely the most thrilling and fascinating way to explore and experience the citie’s sights and views, history and contemporary culture.

Ride around Tel Aviv’s bike paths with a Certified Tour Guide!

An incredible and fascinating motorized experience, we offer a variety of Electric-Bike Tours with a certified tour guide. We also specialize in facilitating customized tours.

Family trip * Birthdays * Bar/Bat Mitzvah * Educational groups * Tour groups * Company excursions * Couples tours

Electric Bikes – Just perfect for the hot days in the city.


Whiskey – Bar, Restaurant & Museum

The Whiskey Bar & Museum is a unique complex and one of the largest of its kind in the world, a combination of a restaurant, bar and a whiskey museum, which includes over 1,000 brands of whiskey from 13 different countries, from traditional Scottish and Irish whiskey to whiskey produced in Hong Kong and India. All the bottles presented at the museum, which have been carefully collected for over two years, may be tasted and most can be bought.

The museum bar is located in Sarona Complex, Tel Aviv.


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Photos by Afik Gabay


Tel Aviv Central Bus Station tour

When the cornerstone of the Bus Station was laid on Dec 14 1967, it was described as a place for all of Israel to gather, a “City Under One Roof”. This tour is led by a licensed tour guide, in it we explore the Bus Station from an architectural and anthropological perspective to see if the original vision for the station has been fulfilled. Is the building a failure or a success? Who frequents the station? How is urban renewal taking place? Discover hidden tunnels and secret spaces, a bat cave, a Yiddish Museum and artist galleries that are all part of the urban fabric of the station today.


Led by Gila Levitan – specialist Tel Aviv tour guide.


*Photo by Yosef Adest

New Tour: Premium Vegan Tour – Tel Aviv

TLVEG TOURS is a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure for any food lover. The tour travels through Tel Aviv, one of the top vegan cities in the world.


Join us for tasting a wide variety of amazing food and learn about the philosophy and history of veganism. Whether you are a vegan or not, get a taste of the best we have to offer!


This is the perfect way to explore Tel Aviv and to have a good time. Come hungry and with love, we will make sure you leave satisfied and with a smile!



  • Visit the most recommended vegan chef restaurants
  • Enjoy the mystical evening atmosphere of Tel Aviv’s side streets
  • Surprising vegan dessert

Tour includes

  • Tastings at 4 vegan restaurants
  • Tasting of vegan mazzettes platter
  • Israeli aperitif shot
  • Tasting of vegan dessert

Tour duration: Approximately 3 hours


TLV SHOW – a completely new way to experience the city

Inspired by the movie “The Game”, TLVShow IS a fun, suspenseful thriller that plays itself out over two hours in the heart of Tel Aviv.


TLVShow has a carefully crafted, ingenious plot that is driven through the participation of real actors.
It maintains a high level of suspense since nothing is as it seems and anything or anyone in the surroundings can be part of the game.


TLVShow is suitable for private groups (from 5 up to 200 participants) such as families, friends or company staff. The show is customized based on information received beforehand about the participants, and a group member acts as a “mole” throughout the show – helping the show manager and actors to tailor the experience to the group dynamics.


Photos by Lena Lester

New Biblical Cooking Tour – Neot Kedumim Park – Central Israel

A short tour of our beautiful nature reserve, identifying some of the staple food growing here, followed by cooking your own light meal outdoors.


Tour Neot Kedumim park to experience Biblical food growing in the land of Israel Prepare your own light Biblical meal in nature. Cook ancient recipes using the ingredients that have grown in the land of milk and honey for thousands of years.


Menu options:
pita bread- lentil stew- herb omelet-roasted / ground hyssop- white cheese- herbal tea
(we provide the ingredients and you do the cooking)

Duration: up to 3 hour


© All rights reserved to Neot Kedumim park. Photos by Reut Shai Dror